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Dounia Sô - All Art for All

Who does art belong to? For whom is it made and who gets to make decisions about it? The artists Michael Böhler, Mimpamba Thomas Combari, Markus Lohmann and Sié Palenfo have introduced a new approach to the debate about the restitution of art looted during the Colonial era with the "Dynamic Hut Dounia Sô": They shift the emphasis - away from the question of collecting to the question of accessibility. 

Starting from an inner monologue of the performer Mimpamba Thomas Combari from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, they develop the idea of a world museum. In this monologue, Combari asks questions that are forbidden to the European viewer: Amazed by the dignified and informative presentation of art from his own culture at the Musée du Quai Branly - Jacques Chirac in Paris and disappointed by the negligent treatment of this art at the Musée National Burkina Faso in his hometown of Ouagadougou, he develops the idea of an art equally accessible to all people during the course of the monologue. 

A world museum is a wonderful utopia: Rembrandt's "Night Watch", Beuys' "Fat Corner", Raphael's "Sistine Madonna", Hirst's Diamond Skull (titled “For the Love of God”) or the Shroud of Turin would travel just as much as the art treasures of other cultures that are still foreign to us, and would thus do justice to the idea of the equal value of all cultures. The artists built a dome in front of the MARKK in Hamburg in November 2022: The performance took place inside it, and the geodesic dome made of aluminum, the epitome of utopian architecture, was gradually melted down and cast into a foundation stone of the first futuristic world museum. 

The foundation stone is now embedded, it contains a QR code that can be used to access Combari's original text and a video documentary. Dounia Sô is a project by and with: Michael Böhler, Mimpamba Thomas Combari, Markus Lohmann, Sié Palenfo. 

(In cooperation with MARKK, supported by Family Production, sponsored by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media)